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Protected area design secrets revealed in new study

It is not only size that matters when planning a protected area, other spatial features such as shape are also critical to the number of animal species found there. A new study from the University of Exeter assessed the spatial... View Article

Re-educating ourselves about space for staff

The interior design of office space within educational buildings is starting to become more innovative. Joel Barker, designer at Hunter Patel Creative Group, argues that architects, schools, colleges and universities increasingly need to be imaginative when it comes to creating... View Article

How to achieve Part L without renewables

Increasingly stringent efficiency requirements within Part L of the Building Regulations mean that many projects struggle to achieve compliance without bolting on renewable technologies. However, despite renewables being an easy option this is not always appropriate. In these instances, creative... View Article

Ecobuild release fourth video in 5 days, 5 voices series

On the fourth day of Ecobuild’s 5 days, 5 voices video interview series Simon Trott, Managing Director at Shaw & Underwood Advertising explains how live events still play an important part in the marketing mix and why Ecobuild should be built into... View Article

Metal offers a sustainable future

The Metal Cladding and Roofing Manufacturers Association (MCRMA) explains how metal building envelope systems contribute significantly to the sustainable design concept, thanks to its high recycled content, recyclability and energy efficiency. The Government has announced the end of the UK’s... View Article

Why metal gutters are the popular choice

The Metal Gutter Manufacturers Association (MGMA) explains why metal gutter systems are growing in popularity. If you are looking for a rainwater system that really performs and stands the tests of time, metal systems should be the first choice. Although... View Article

London faces skyscraper pressure unless planning laws change

Scarcity of land in London could result in the capital becoming a city of residential skyscrapers unless existing planning laws are altered, according to LSE urban economist Gabriel Ahlfeldt. Dr Ahlfeldt, an Associate Professor of Urban Economics and Land Development... View Article

A design vision for HS2

Laura Kidd, head of architecture for HS2 Ltd, outlines the guiding principles underpinning the design of new stations on Britain’s forthcoming high-speed railway High Speed Two will be the first mainline railway built north from London in more than a... View Article

BINDT’s CPS scheme replaced

ATTMA Registered Testers Scheme has replaced BINDT’s CPS scheme, Barry Cope, ATTMA Registered Testers Scheme Manager along with David Pickavance, Chair of the ATTMA Board of Directors explain. ATTMA has successfully taken the reigns from BINDT to run the authorised... View Article

Industry reacts to the General Election

netmagmedia looks at the comments throughout the industry in regards to the electoral vote. Rob Oliver, Chief Executive (Construction Equipment Association) – comments as the Election comes to a close: “I think the prospect of some continuity in Government policies... View Article

Designing homes for mental disability

When it comes to creating residences for people with dementia it helps to look at things through the eyes of those with the condition, says Dominic Waters, Development Director at Waters Homes Open the property pages in any national newspaper... View Article
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