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Continuing Professional Development
Maintaining and improving professional competence, skills, abilities and knowledge: CPD will help to make sure that you always have the skills you need to stay competent and to protect yourself and your practice. All RIBA registered architects must complete a minimum of 35 hours of CPD per year.

Urban Front announce new Workshop Tour early next year

Urban Front would like to announce our new Workshop Tour launching early next year. The workshop Tour will run for just over an hour and incorporate the following Learning Outcomes: A good understanding of... ›››
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Klober CPD 'Maximising airtightness in roof construction'

Klober's fully updated CPD presentation 'Maximising airtightness in roof construction' examines implications of changes to Approved Doc L1A and the discontinuation of 'The Code for Sustainable Homes'. It covers variations in... ›››
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Selecting Effective and Secure Flat Roof

Sika are pleased to announce the new RIBA approved CPD for Sika Sarnafil entitled "Selecting Effective and Secure Flat Roof Systems". This CPD introduces the key components for a successful and effective roof system, covering... ›››
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Soundproofing & Acoustics CPD

Eager to increase your knowledge of acoustics, soundproofing insulation and Part E Acoustic Building Regulations? Then look no further than Cellecta®'s RIBA certified Sound Proofing Insulations CPD... ›››
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Specifying Seamless
Resin Terrazzo CPD Seminar

Flowcrete UK is delighted to announce the launch of its
brand new 'Specifying Seamless Resin Terrazzo' RIBA approved CPD Seminar. Architects looking to earn CPD points while learning more about the science and... ›››
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An Introduction

RIBA Certified CPD: Platform Lifts – who needs them?

This is one of the most fun
and immersive CPDs you will find as Gartec bring a virtual reality lift experience to your offices. Gartec's RIBA
Certified CPD provides
expert knowledge of
lifting platforms... ›››
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Gartec CPD
December 2014
Companies offering CPD seminars covered within this newsletter:
Urban Front
  Tel: 01494778787
Sika Sarnafil
  Tel: 01707 394444
  Tel: 01270 753000
  Tel: 01332 813 050
  Tel: 08456717174
Gartec Ltd
  Tel: 01296 397100
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