Aspen Pumps is Triple finalist in Cooling Industry Awards

Aspen Pumps, the UK’s market leader in condensate removal pumps and accessories, is thrilled to announce that it has been shortlisted three times in the prestigious RAC Cooling Industry Awards. The company’s revolutionary Green XL range from Storm Chemicals – has been shortlisted in the Air Conditioning Innovation – VRFs, Heat Pumps, Fan Coils and Peripherals category and the Air Conditioning Product of the Year – Components and peripherals category. Offering a step change for the air conditioning (AC) sector Green XL is the first probiotic cleaning technology for the sector on the market. Meanwhile, the MAX Hi-Flow Tank Pump has also been shortlisted in the Air Conditioning Product of the Year – Components and peripherals category and is ideal for easy installation in ceiling voids, and cassette air conditioning applications.

Now in its 13th year, the RAC Cooling Industry Awards champions the leading innovations and environmental successes in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. The award winners will be announced on 27th September 2017 at the prestigious London Hilton, Park Lane, where the key players in the industry come together for a night of recognition and celebration of the sector’s achievements. 

Joe Rose, Group Marketing Manager at Aspen Pumps explains,

“We are delighted to be shortlisted an impressive three times at such prestigious awards. Green XL is an exciting new launch in our Storm Chemicals range and offers the market tomorrow’s cleaning solution today. The MAX Hi-Flow tank pump is an evolution in tank pumps, offering best in class performance and build-quality, as well as being the safest and quietest tank pump on the market. We are pleased that both these products have been recognised by the industry in this way.”

As the first probiotic cleaning technology on the market, the ground breaking and innovative Green XL provides microscopic deep cleaning technology that not only provides a long lasting deep clean beyond the microscopic layer (biofilm) for AC equipment but it is also safe for the user and the environment eliminating hazardous shipping or storage. Plus unlike conventional disinfectants, bacteria cannot become resistant to it. Green XL removes both the visible and invisible dirt eliminating dust, mould, bacteria and other pollution as well as neutralising the bad musty odours caused by fungi and bacteria.

Green XL’s probiotic technology has many benefits compared to conventional cleaning technology.  It cleans deep in the system and works long after a service maintenance visit since the healthy ‘good’ bacteria continues to protect the AC equipment from ‘bad’ bacteria. By offering this long-term protection, it improves the energy efficiency of AC equipment since AC will be clean for longer and so work more efficiently unhampered by dirt and grime. Green XL also helps to provide a healthier indoor environment with good indoor air quality (IAQ) and, being 100% biodegradable and harmless to humans and animals makes it easier to use, transport and store.

Meanwhile, the low profile MAX Hi-Flow tank pump is the safest and quietest tank pump on the market and is also a leader when it comes to performance, delivering a flow rate of 550L/h and an operating noise level of just 44dB(A), thanks to a specifically configured motor and impeller system. It boasts an Ingress Protection (IP) rating of 24, making it the safest tank pump on the market and means that the tank pump is protected from touch by fingers and objects greater than 12 mm, as well as from water spray from any direction, making it totally splash proof. The Max Hi-Flow comes equipped with multiple mounting clips, a built-in spirit level, and plug and play connection which all make for simple and reliable installation. A quick release reservoir also allows servicing while the unit is attached to the wall or rod mounts. This feature makes servicing far easier and safer for AC contractors, helping to avoid reservoir water spills.

Aspen Pumps’ extensive range boasts the largest variety of condensate removal pumps and accessories for the air conditioning, heating and refrigeration industry, with something suitable for every application. The pumps boast reliability, ease of installation, are the quietest on the market and all pumps feature non-return valves. Aspen Pumps’ continued success and achievements has been built by the hands-on experience of installation engineers, making Aspen Pumps the market leader in condensate removal. For more information, visit