Charcon partners with local authorities to segregate traffic from cyclists

Charcon’s range of cycleway segregation solutions is already proving successful in London, on the Cycle Superhighway 2 (CS2), as well as Cambridge, Oxford, Bristol and Nottingham.

The unique City Cycle Kerb segregates cyclists from traffic and features a half batter along the carriageway to withstand vehicular impact and a splay along the cycle lane to reduce the change of catching a pedal.

Eco Countryside™ Cycle Kerb replicates natural granite whilst containing 82 per cent recycled and reclaimed material. It offers a 33 per cent carbon reduction compared to natural granite. The angled profile provides both a visual and tactile division between the carriageway and cycle lane.

Cycle Kerb and City Cycle Kerb are available in standard concrete or textured Eco Countryside silver grey finishes.

For full information, visit or call 01335 372 222.