Creating truly smart homes

Imagine being gently woken with your soothing morning playlist, dimmed lighting and the bedroom at the perfect temperature. Now, step into the en-suite…the lights come on and you immediately notice how amazing the underfloor heating feels beneath your feet. What’s more is that the music you were listening to in the bedroom has just followed you into the bathroom – right on cue. You turn the shower on and before the mirror has a chance to steam up, the extractor fan comes on. All the while, your towel is warming up for when it’s time to dry off.

Shower done, you go down to the kitchen where you find that the blinds have opened – letting in the warmth of the morning sun, rather than using energy to heat the room. Buttering your toast, you hear the familiar sound of the morning news jingle…it’s the TV turning on for you to catch up on what’s happening around the world.

Then, it’s off to work. As you head out the front door a quick tap on a switch lets your home know you’re leaving. Unnecessary lighting, music and the TV are turned off and the heating is lowered – saving energy whilst no-one is home. The alarm is armed so your home will notify you if anything is amiss, including if smoke or a water leak is detected.

As you get into your car, you get a notification from Amazon that your parcel will be arriving today. You won’t be home…but don’t worry! When the delivery arrives, simply open the Loxone Smart Home App to see and chat to the driver through your intercom, while at the same time you can open the garage door revealing a safe place to leave your latest online purchase.

Sure, right now you could go to your high street tech store and get your hands on light bulbs or a thermostat that you can control via an app – but is that really smart? Living in a smart home shouldn’t require you to have to reach for an app as part of an everyday routine. Instead, it should be like living with an autopilot for your home.

Loxone believes a true smart home is one that offers this concept of Autopilot Living. It comes down to your home understanding you. It should be more comfortable, safer and energy efficient to live in – through the intelligent control of your lighting, heating, security and more – without you having to lift a finger.

RIBA Core Curriculum CPD

Loxone offer a CPD entitled ‘Creating Truly Smart Homes’ which is part of the RIBA Core Curriculum.

Discover how to design truly smart homes that offer homeowners a better, safer and more efficient way of living through the automation of lighting, heating, security and more. This CPD will look at the features that are possible with smart home technology and advise on how to choose the most suitable solution.


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