Cutting through the hype: key trends for bathroom design

From slim ceramics to the growing market of shower toilets, Emma Mottram of Laufen explores the latest innovations in bathroom design.

In recent years, the bathroom has become much more than a functional space. The latest trends and technological innovations are evidence of this renaissance and the transition the bathroom has had into an area that is carefully designed to enrich the users’ well-being and comfort.

So what exactly are the latest trends and innovations within the bathroom industry and how can architects and designers use them to create an aspirational bathroom?

Stretching the possibilities of ceramic

Ultra-thin ceramic materials are one of the key innovations in the bathroom market that continue to gather pace today. With sleek and refined aesthetics combined with their sustainable credentials and light weight, slim ceramics allow architects to push the boundaries of bathroom design.

Manufacturers who blend ceramics with different substances have further enhanced the product variety by creating a high quality material that exceeds the natural qualities of clay. For instance, Laufen’s SaphirKeramik is a composite material of ceramic and corundum – a colourless mineral which has been developed to give designeds the benefit of a product which has the flexural strength of steel. Moreover, its precise, wafer-thin walls and radii of one to two millimetres provide architects with a slender profile that renders it space saving, lightweight and environmentally friendly.

Beyond their appearance and strength, ceramic surface finishes that are fired on top of the original glaze inhibit bacterial growth and improve hygiene.

Rolling out shower toilets

Shower toilets are promising to make a big splash across UK bathroom industry this year. Already an established and popular product in Japan and other markets across the globe, manufacturers are using the latest technology to redefine the standard toilet and introduce the shower toilet on a wider scale across the UK.

Combining the functions of a toilet and a bidet, the shower toilet is set to enhance the bathroom experience. Using fresh water, the shower toilet provides the user with unrivalled hygiene and cleanliness, offering a feeling of complete freshness. Shower toilets are able to blend high quality design with technically-sophisticated and user-friendly solutions.

At the heart of a shower toilet is the versatile and intuitively operated shower functions. This can include a standard function with selectable jet intensity, position and temperature, as well as a strong power mode and a pulsating jet mode.

Most products also include a separate setting for a more gentle wash, with individually adjustable strength, position and temperature.

Aesthetically, many shower toilets emulate a classic toilet design and, depending on the manufacturer, the controls are discreet and user intuitive.

With new innovations and technologies coming into the market the sky is the limit for architects and designers to think creatively when it comes to the bathroom.

Emma Mottram is marketing manager at Laufen