DELABIE unveils new mixer at Healthcare Estates show

DELABIE will showcase its new pressure-balancing mechanical mixer, the SECURITHERM EP BIOSAFE at the 2017 Healthcare Estates show. Its unique design, with no spout, smooth interior and low water volume, limits bacterial development considerably and is ideal for healthcare installations.

Anti-scalding technology
The EP pressure-balancing cartridge delivers a constant mixed water temperature regardless of pressure variations in the system. The mechanism also reduces the hot water flow significantly if the cold water supply fails, reducing the risk of scalding. A pre-set maximum temperature limiter provides additional anti-scalding safety.

Infection control
The mixer’s unique design restricts water volume in the body by almost 85%, minimising biofilm development. Its smooth interior also reduces biofilm attachment. Moreover the mixer has no spout, incorporating DELABIE’s BIOSAFE outlet directly into the mixer body.

The 26216EP mixer withstands thermal shocks at line temperature. Pressing the red button behind the control lever overrides the temperature limiter without removing the control lever or shutting off the cold water supply.

Easy to maintain
2621EP mixer is fitted with flow rate limiters set at 4 litres/minute at 3 bar. Water consumption is reduced while guaranteeing user comfort. Its simple form reduces the build-up of dirt and facilitates cleaning. Installation is easy as the mixer has rotating copper tails, ideal for healthcare.