Ecophon introduces Akutex HS Upgrades

Ecophon has announced upgrades to its Akutex™ HS surface, making it compatible with the Hygiene Performance™ sound-absorbing ceiling system. These changes allow the range to appeal to a wider range of applications, including food preparation areas, hospitals and care environments.

Ecophon Hygiene products allows demanding environments, such as the healthcare, food, pharmaceutical and electronics industries, to achieve even the toughest requirements of purity and cleanliness.

Previously only compatible with Ecophon’s Hygiene Foodtec range of acoustic solutions, the new formulation of Akutex HS provides a painted, stain-protected surface for applications where there are high demands for wet cleaning, in addition to dusting and vacuum cleaning. It can be high-pressure washed, steam cleaned, used with hydrogen peroxide vapour and can withstand the use of common disinfecting chemicals. It is therefore suitable for environments where there is a risk of contamination and where frequent wet cleaning is required, making it an excellent choice for both healthcare environments and the food and beverage industry.

Andrea Harman – Healthcare Concept Developer said:

“Our Hygiene Performance range has an excellent absorption coefficiency of 0.95aw at 4000Hz, making it class A rating for sound absorption. Now we can offer this with Akutex HS as well, meaning we can support hospitals and care facilities in achieving excellent acoustic properties while also providing easy-to-clean and maintain surfaces.”

In addition to the hygiene and acoustic performance, the products offer a number of sustainability benefits.  Ecophon uses glass that contains more than 70% recycled glass, and no fossil-based raw materials. One recycled bottle is enough to make 1.5 panels. Only water-based paints made from safe materials are used, and the products have no added antimicrobial chemicals or formaldehyde.

The entire range of acoustic solutions are now manufactured with a plant-based binder, taking 24,000 barrels of crude oil out of the production process per annum and reducing emissions accordingly. By using the new plant-based binder across their product families, Ecophon is now also able to introduce guaranteed recycling of all products manufactured from 3rd generation glass wool.

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