Garden City by Anna Yudina

A book about the benefits and necessity of integrating nature in the built environment has been published by Thames & Hudson.

Featuring 70 projects from around the world, ‘Garden City’ by Anna Yudina looks at the increasingly inventive ways in which architects and designers are incorporating nature into the built environment. Packing over 300 illustration across its 256 pages, the book features a rich set of examples, from office farms to lightweight systems for growing gardens on vertical surfaces; from ‘tree houses’ as tall as city blocks to a building designed as a living organism.

As Yudina writes, “The garden city is a unique organism in which the natural and the man-made…form one living and breathing whole”. Anna Yudina has curated a number of international architecture and design exhibitions, including shows on Zaha Hadid and Jakob & MacFarlane. She also wrote ‘Phase: The Architecture of Jakob & MacFarlane and Eske Rex: Silent Action’.