Hospital pedestrian crossing sealed with safety in mind

The Royal Victoria Infirmary Hospital have successfully sealed their pedestrian crossings following the installation of Resiblock Ultra Matt. Ten separate crossings, which make up the key pedestrian routes at the Newcastle Hospital, have been sealed to prevent paver destabilisation from a variety of vehicles including cars, ambulances, mini-buses and HGV vehicles.

Paving at the crossings had previously failed, resulting in an extremely dangerous trip hazard, and naturally the Royal Victoria Infirmary did not want this risk again. With the use of Marshalls White Marker concrete blocks, which uses a layer of coated glass beads for excellent reflective capabilities, conventional sealers would be wholly unsuitable as they would adversely affect the reflective capabilities of this particular block, therefore negating its purpose as a safety feature. Following discussions between Resiblock and client Healthcare Services Ltd, the specialist pre-polymer urethane (SPPU) Resiblock Ultra Matt was selected as this could seal both the Marshall White Marker Blocks and the Weinberger Clay Blocks that were on-site.   

This now is the second major hospital that has utilised Resiblock products following the success of Resiblock at Portland Hospital – The UKs largest private women and children’s hospital. The use of Resiblock Ultra Matt only further enhances this products reputation following its successful installation and history at the 125,000m2 Disneyland Hong Kong.