Howzat! De Boer delivers office space for the home of cricket

When the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) needed to expand their offices, they turned to De Boer to add a third floor to their existing building located at Lord’s Cricket Ground, London.

Part of De Boer’s original brief included reviewing the various building alternatives open to the ECB. A new-build office within the confines of Lord’s, owned by Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), was discounted, owing to pressures on space and relocating personnel to an off-site satellite office created costly administrative challenges.

Robert Alvarez, De Boer’s Sales Director – Commercial, commented:

“Lord’s is a completely landlocked site. So, to provide additional office space, we had to go up and add a new floor to the current ECB offices. We erected a temporary structure on the roof, creating space to add an extra 74 desks and increase staff to support several major cricket events including ICC Women’s World Cup 2017 and the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. “

To create the third storey, the De Boer team were required to cut a 2.4 metre by 4.9 metre opening through the reinforced concrete roof and extend the internal staircase to reach the new office space.

The new staircase was seamlessly matched to the existing stairs using designs from the original office’s drawing plans. De Boer also extended the external fire escape to suit the additional storey and added an over-sailing roof canopy above the third floor emergency exit.

Alvarez continues:

 “As we were building on the roof, we created safe scaffolded platform prior to installing a steel frame foundation anchored to the original building to support the new floor. Once this was in place, we constructed our versatile Delta structure to create over 450 square metres of work space.

“Key to the success of this project was our ability to lift the roof section in just a couple of hours, minimising the disruption to the client team and visitors to the iconic Lord’s Cricket Ground.”

Built and fully fitted out in just 15 weeks, the new floor will be in place for the next five years and includes extra desk spaces, hot desk points and break out areas. The Delta structure was also fitted with clear Vista glazing panels creating an enviable view of the ‘Home of Cricket’.

Robert Ebdon, Assistant Secretary (Estates) for MCC, added:

 “We were aware that it was crucial that the ECB could increase the size of their team to successfully deliver several major cricket events, like the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, coming up over the next few years.

“MCC were approached in the first instance as the ECB’s Landlord and De Boer provided the perfect solution to their office space challenge – a completely new floor to the existing offices, built in just over three months.”