HSE showcasing land use planning app at UK trade events

Developers, architects, Local Authorities and others with an interest in land purchase or development of land can get a live, hands-on demonstration of the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) Land Use Planning Web App at a series of UK construction industry events.

Launched in July 2015, this online pre-application service aims to transform the way in which HSE delivers Land Use Planning services by minimising the red-tape involved in the process and making it simpler and faster both for developers and Local Authorities.

The Land Use Planning Web App allows developers and others to make enquiries related to any plot of land, and provides greater access to HSE’s assessment tools and techniques. This means that developers and planners can get rapid answers to queries related to a plot of land for purchase or development before their formal application arrives with the Local Authority.

Representatives of HSE’s Health and Safety Laboratory, which created the system, will be showcasing the benefits of the Land Use Planning Web App to visitors at the Construction News Summit in Westminster, London on 3-4 November 2015, the London Property Summit, Westminster, on 25 November and at the Scotland Build Expo, SECC Glasgow on 25-26 November. Demonstrations at smaller regional events are also planned.

The Land Use Planning app is supported by a consultancy service which can help with more complex proposed developments or in cases where HSE may be able to discuss with an applicant whether changes could be made to a proposal which would lead HSE to reconsider its advice.

LUP Web Application: pa.hsl.gov.uk/
Consultancy: www.hsl.gov.uk/products/lupa