Schneider Electric launches new Argus presence detector range

Global specialist in energy management, Schneider Electric, has launched a new range of presence and movement detectors, enabling users to drastically reduce energy wastage, through better lighting control.

The new Argus movement and presence detectors offer demand-based, automatic lighting control and can be used as standalone devices or a networked group of detectors. Sensors can be fully adjusted to suit end-users needs, turning a light on for anything from 10 seconds to 30 minutes. Daylight harvesting allows users to be also able to harness and adjust the level of brightness, making their lighting completely bespoke in every room.

Argus detectors are simple and easy to install, with large terminal chambers and cable inlets, with plug connections between the attachment and the junction box. Wall-spacer and mounting brackets mean that both the movement and presence detectors can be easily fitted on un-even surfaces or outdoors.

Argus movement detectors are ideal in areas of infrequent use, such as a utility room, basement or outside. The sensor is fitted in conjunction with a lamp, which is then only activated when motion is detected. For example, if used alongside a security light, homes and small businesses no longer need to leave outdoor security lighting on overnight. Simply by using a movement detector, it will only activate the light when required, meaning employees can leave work safely, while the energy consumption is drastically reduced.

Alternatively, the Argus presence detector reacts to even the smallest of movements and will switch the light on depending on the existing brightness in a room, turning it off again when there is sufficient light. These are ideally placed in office spaces or public buildings, where there is already a high level of light. Schneider Electric’s presence detectors are fully scalable with a master-slave arrangement, with up to ten masters and ten slaves connected via an intelligent network.

Deepak Shard, Marketing Engineer for Schneider Electric comments:

“With inefficient lighting accounting for around £1billion in wasted energy each year1, finding ways of reducing our energy consumption is vital.

“Simple devices such as Argus movement or presence detectors offer a cost effective way of reducing such wastage, meaning that lighting is only on when it’s required. Solutions such as these can be easily retrofitted and have a quick payback period, so they are the ideal product for both commercial and residential applications.”

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