The architectural drawing course

The hand drawing techniques every architect should know by Mo Zell.

Starting out in a new course and a new profession is always a daunting task. For budding architects, finding your feet in a new field is about to become easier, with The Architectural Drawing Course by Mo Zell.

Moving beyond just the technical aspects of drawing, Mo Zell introduces readers to architecture’s visual language. Three-dimensional design problems, and a series of instructional tutorials, aid Zell in coaching students through the fundamentals of proportion and scale, space and volume, path and place and materials and textures.

Formatted as a series of study units, The Architectural Drawing Course covers virtually every aspect of architectural drawing in manageable parts. The final chapter provides unique practical advice for anyone considering a career in architectural design. This comprises ideas on building a portfolio, getting advanced training and continuing on a path to a professional career.

Offering advice on key principles, practices and techniques, this book is an invaluable tool and reference to anyone interested in architectural drawing.

The Architectural Drawing Course is essential to all students with a budding interest in architectural design – offering the helping hand up, which we could all use at some point in our lives.

Mo Zell is the Associate Dean of the UWM School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Milwaukee, and principal of the design and research firm bauenstudio. Mo studied architecture at the University of Virginia and Yale University before working in the profession for a number of years.


The architectural drawing course will be published on 26 October 2017| £16.95| Paperback

Extent: 160pp | Size: 22.2 x 22.2 cm

Illustrated throughout | ISBN: 9780500293454