Training for architects

Here at Alsecco we understand and appreciate the importance of keeping up to date with Industry standards, and pride ourselves on product knowledge and technicalities.

We offer a wide range of CPD’s for our products, which allows us as a Company to engage and extended our knowledge with Architects and other Construction Professionals.

Booking a CPD for our products not only gains you points, but we also look to inspire and promote an initial design idea to a reality.

Benefits of Lithodecor CPD: 45 – 60 mins
Our CPD’s offer a unique introduction as to how you can use our products to achieve the required Design specification.  We have a dedicated Technical Team, who work alongside Architects to advise and offer assistance to help.

The CPD gives you an understanding to our Airtec Stone and Airtec Glass, from how it is produced, and what methods are used to achieve our lightweight, impact resistant ventilated Rainscreen cladding.  Due to the nature of the Airtec Systems, our products offer design freedom and bespoke design. Our CPD, not only explains the specification considerations, but also discusses the benefits of using our different systems and materials and how simple the installation process is.

Benefits of Alsecco Brick Slip CPD: 45 -60 mins
Our CPD is to provide knowledge and understanding of the development of brick slips and our catalogue of choice which we have to offer. Discussing the specification consideration and giving an overview of what systems Alsecco can provide.

Alsecco offers the largest range of brick slips in the UK, and the CPD explains furthermore as to how we can match any brick, which gives Architects and Construction Professional endless possibilities to design and specific brick slips.

The CPD explains the quick and easy process which is used to install our systems and materials, and gives an overview of the materials capabilities.

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