What Building, the world’s most popular architectural quiz, has relaunched with a redesigned website and a host of architectural heavy-weights as guest editors

Designed to be both fun and educational, What Building is a daily digital quiz that challenges anyone with an interest in architecture to identify an exceptional building from a photo, drawing, model, detail or aerial view.

The online quiz features buildings that range from the well-known to the obscure, each boasting its own architectural merit or interest.

Readers are invited to guess the name of the building on Twitter and Instagram. The correct name of the building, along with the architect and location, is revealed one day after its first clue is posted.

Along with architectural historian and What Building editor Tom Ravenscroft, the relaunch includes buildings chosen by a host of leading architects, critics and institutions, including:

Catherine Slessor, Heritage England, Charles Holland, Christine Murray, Rory Scott, Tim Abrahams, Amy Freason, Architecture Ireland, Barnabus Calder, National Churches Trust, Jane Duncan, Ben Derbyshire, Sarah Wigglesworth, James Timberlake, Phil Coffey, Julia King, Ian Martin, This Brutal House, Edwin Heathcote, Laura Mark, Phineas Harper, Russel Curtis, Daisy Froud, Sam Jacob and Adam Nathaniel Furman, among others.

Guest editors will choose five of their favourite buildings to be featured over the week for fans to identify.

Ravenscroft said:

“It’s great to be back and the enthusiasm from the architecture community has been incredible. We now have over 10,000 Twitter subscribers and are gaining more every day.”

“What Building is meant to be a playful and clever architectural game, but I like to think it also has some educational value. I hope that the quiz will encourage people to research and find out about buildings they were unaware of, or to look again, dig deeper and reinvestigate those that they might already know.”