Editor’s comment – September

We feature a wide variety of buildings in ADF, from small private homes to mental health units, to massive concrete-built galleries, and we look them all on their own merits. We would be reluctant to solely use the criteria of whether we... View Article

Comment: Get specification right first time

The Metal Cladding and Roofing Manufacturers Association explains the importance of approved cladding systems and the dangers of changing specifications. Metal cladding systems provide efficient, aesthetically pleasing and sustainable solutions for a wide variety of external building envelopes. However, the... View Article

Political uncertainty and cost rises hit construction outlook

In a quarter characterised by political uncertainty, the Construction Products Association’s Construction Trade Survey shows that despite a strong Q2 the industry’s supply chain are more pessimistic for the year ahead. The survey of main contractors, SME builders, civil engineering... View Article

Should a firewall be for life?

It’s not just a wall, it’s a firewall and for such crucial protection the use of composite panels gives buildings a huge performance boost. But, Brett Harrington, Divisional Manager for the Firewall and Data Division of ISD Solutions, warns you... View Article

How to choose the right sealant for your industry

Every engineer, manufacturer, constructor or house builder needs the right sealant for their specific application needs. For example, only the right solution can provide complete safety to constructors and house builders against future problems such as leakages, seepage or cracks.... View Article

Construction product manufacturers pessimistic of growth

The CPA’s State of Trade Survey for 2017 Q2 reveals that UK construction product manufacturers experienced growth in sales and activity for the 17th consecutive quarter, but higher input costs and rising uncertainty has dampened manufacturers’ views for the near-term... View Article

View Point – Rory Bergin of HTA Design

In his second article on the subject for ADF, Rory Bergin looks deeper at the facets within ‘the ethics of development’ that architects should consider. Since ethics are primarily about how we deal with each other, architects might be forgiven... View Article

Ask the Architect – Glenn Swann of LK2

Glenn Swann, associate at sports & leisure specialists LK2, tells ADF about the firm’s aspirations and how technology is helping to shape the profession today. WHY DID YOU BECOME AN ARCHITECT? I’ve always been creative, so the idea of using... View Article

Editor’s Comment – July

This will long be remembered as the year when regeneration became devastation. Beyond the appalling human tragedy which the Grenfell Tower fire represents for the individuals killed and injured and families traumatised for life, is a wider shadow cast across... View Article

Innovation – a shared responsibility

There is no doubting the fact that we are living in a global economy and that we are all going through an intense period of change. For many of us, our focus is on our immediate vicinity and surroundings and... View Article

Six key advantages of portable and modular building methods

Portable and modular buildings are sectional prefabricated buildings which are constructed off-site and delivered in modular sections. In other words, modular construction is an accelerated method of designing and constructing a building which is made of modules which are built... View Article

View Point – Rory Bergin of HTA Design

Rory Bergin examines ‘the ethics of development’ in the context of current practice. Last year I was asked to speak about ethics and architecture at the APRES 2016 conference and I had to consider what ‘ethics’ means in a professional... View Article

Editor’s Comment – June

While many practices have been expressing their fears over Brexit (not least on behalf of their EU staff) and the likelihood of a strengthened victorious Conservative government pushing through a ‘hard’ Brexit, the world will continue to turn following the... View Article

Practice Profile – Hogarth Architects

From radical refurbishments and modern extensions to ventures into housing development, Hogarth Architects has made a success of the residential sector, as Teodora Lyubomirova found out. Stick to what you’re good at – this has been the underlying notion underpinning... View Article