Bridging the gap between architects and contractors

By Tony Owen, Novus Property Solutions Ask any architect how they feel about their faith in contractors to work accurately to a brief, and you’ll see some raised eyebrows. Ask a contractor about their relationship with architects, and you’ll likely... View Article

Managing risk in megaprojects

By Steve Cooper, general manager UK and Ireland at Aconex ‘Megaproject’ is the term applied to multibillion-dollar investment projects such as vast railways, airports, highways or huge entertainment venues. Such schemes can be economically transformative for a country. Consider the Panama... View Article

Elmhurst Energy welcomes publication of the Bonfield Report

Energy performance measurement specialists Elmhurst Energy has welcomed the publication of the long-awaited “Each Home Matters” report by Peter Bonfield, but has expressed disappointment at some omissions. Despite having the scope of reviewing ‘Consumer Advice, Protection, Standards and Enforcement for... View Article

The rise and rise of CLT buildings

Dr Keerthi Ranasinghe discusses how cross-laminated timber is helping architects go to new lengths Architects’ desire to create sustainable structures has pushed technological innovations beyond the imaginable. Cross-laminated timber, or CLT for short, has been drawing a lot of attention... View Article

Autumn Statement comment: Policy must drive change

Statements from the Chancellor of the Exchequer aren’t always cause for celebration, but this one has left us feeling cautiously optimistic. Chris Coxon, Head of Marketing at Eurocell, takes a view. Wrapped up as the National Productivity Investment Fund –... View Article

Exclusive blog: The long way round isn’t the right way round

By Darren Evans, Managing Director, Darren Evans Assessments With information so readily available, we can be blinded by science. There is information overload and there seems to be a growing trend to overcomplicate matters. Whilst design, procurement and construction hasn’t... View Article

A lesson to learn

Creating educational buildings with zero energy usage and carbon footprints is perfectly possible. So why aren’t we building more? Neil Smith of design firm UK Energy Partners shares his thoughts. There’s no doubt the way we design and construct buildings consumes... View Article

Knowledge is power

Teachers know schools best and their input can be vital during a redesign. Pellings partner Nicolas Maari argues for the benefits of encouraging teachers to have a say in the design of UK schools. The soaring demand for school places... View Article

Too much of a good thing?

John Godley, Technical Manager for Hambleside Danelaw explains the importance of manufacturers providing relevant, specific and independent transmission values for rooflights. The provision of natural daylight within the built environment can deliver genuine, positive benefits to the finished construction; benefits... View Article

Engineering canopies that are fit for purpose

Research suggests that many leading canopy manufacturers apply little engineering acumen to the design, build and installation of their canopies, which can result in maintenance and performance difficulties, additional remedial costs and poor aesthetics – all much sooner than anticipated. As... View Article

Acoustics with education… explained

It is crucial for modern day education environments have good acoustics within classrooms and other learning areas. Pupils need to be able to listen clearly to their teachers to foster their learning process, and likewise teachers need to be able... View Article

Opinion: Carbon neutrality – a norm, not an aspiration

Earlier this year the Government scrapped its zero carbon homes plan – again. Darren Evans outlines why architects and developers must not abandon the zero carbon agenda. In May of this year the Government overruled the House of Lords and scrapped the... View Article

Timber reaches new heights

‘How tall’ is now the question facing those striving to build the tallest timber buildings around the world. Peter Wilson of Timber Design Initiatives explains that as the boundaries of engineered timber technology expand, the use of wood in buildings... View Article

Building-in cost benefits

As construction heads towards decarbonisation, choice of building materials is increasingly crucial. Andrew Carpenter of the Structural Timber Association (STA) outlines why timber provides built-in cost benefits. Cost is one of the main considerations for architects and specifiers when choosing a... View Article