Waterproofing historic builds

Specialists must collaborate when preserving historic buildings. Richard Walker of Peter Cox explains Almost half a million buildings in the UK have heritage protection. This status is awarded to buildings of historical interest across the country, either for the role... View Article

IP Ratings: the facts. A simple guide to IP ratings

The term IP rating or ingress protection is used to define the level of protection provided by a casing or enclosure. The term is published by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and allows enclosure manufacturers to clearly label their product... View Article

View Point: Professor Ruth Dalton

Having set up the first School of Architecture at Lancaster University, Professor Ruth Dalton explains how the school’s ‘radical creativity with a conscience’ motto embeds key principles into innovative teaching practice While setting up the new school of architecture at... View Article

Practice Profile: Samira Rathod Design Atelier

James Parker finds out how the award-winning firm of Indian architect Samira Rathod pursues its goals of creating sensual, context-focused beauty using locally-sourced natural materials Mumbai-based architect Samira Rathod attended the renowned Sir J. J. College of Architecture in the... View Article

Ecodesign Stoves and the Clean Air Strategy

2019 Clean Air Strategy In January 2019 the UK government published its Clean Air Strategy in which it stated that that the “increase in burning solid fuels (wood and coal) in our homes (domestic burning) is having an impact on... View Article

Floor tiles and tiles that look like wood

Explore the different options of floor tiles and how you can achieve the natural look with the tiles that look like wood. Floors are such a primary element that just putting a roof over it can create the primary structure... View Article

Addressing a national problem

Nicolas Maari of multi-disciplinary firm Pellings looks at the challenges for designers around providing interim accommodation for the homeless Homelessness is an ongoing and growing problem, with the number of homeless people increasing by a third between 2012 and 2018.... View Article

Ask the Architect: Alberto Basaglia

Alberto Basaglia, co-founder of Italian firm Basaglia + Rota Nodari Studio, answers ADF’s questions on what influences his designs, the importance of balance, and sustainability Why did you become an architect? When I was a kid, I made a sofa-exercise-bike... View Article

A clearer view of safety

Listen here. Among the functions performed by glass and glazing systems as part of the building envelope, fire safety and protecting lives are critical. Darren Wainwright of SE Controls explains systems’ roles in addressing smoke control and compliance issues Within... View Article

Career opportunities for architecture graduates

Some degrees do not lead to a specific job – the best examples include degrees from the humanities or arts – while other degrees such as medical degrees or law degrees lead to particular roles. An architectural degree is somewhere... View Article

Office design – placing nature in the mix

Biophilic design has become firmly entrenched in the modern office psyche in recent years as the office evolves and we take on a more people-focused approach to its design. Cyril Parsons of Office Principles, considers the various means in which... View Article

The great advantages of vinyl flooring for kitchens

Many would agree that one of the busiest rooms in your home is your kitchen. In the kitchen, your family will start and end their day, guests will be entertained, and relentless domestic tasks will be accomplished. The flooring is... View Article

What should you look for in door locks?

Door hardware like door handles and locks are critical to our safety and impact our quality of life every time we’re struggling to get the door open. Yet many people keep the door hardware that came with their home or... View Article

An Active Resolution for 2020

At the start of each year it’s customary to make resolutions for the year ahead which, it is hoped, will encourage positive changes. Of course, for all the best intentions, after a few days, weeks or (occasionally) months, these commitments... View Article

View Point: Anthony Thistleton

Architect Anthony Thistleton gives the lowdown on the carbon realities of timber, and explains why misconceptions around CLT on fire safety grounds need to be corrected As the world finally wakes up to the task ahead in mitigating climate breakdown, there... View Article

Practice Profile: Assembledge+

Already having wide-ranging expertise, Hollywood, USA-based practice Assembledge+ saw its urban planning capabilities greatly enhanced when the founder took the unusual step of recruiting his father to join him. Sébastien Reed reports After graduating with a Bachelors and Master’s degree... View Article

The dynamics of a building

Today, the lines between different segments have blurred, and buildings are adopting a variety of identities, which may reflect the characteristics of various segment designs. Here, Marijke Griffioen, Senior Designer at Forbo Flooring Systems, discusses these trends and how the... View Article