Let the sunshine in but keep the heat out

Solar Control Glasses: From a luxurious item in the age of fossil fuel to a new benchmark in the era of climate change. The air at the earth’s surface has already warmed up considerably. In 2016, the mean global near-surface... View Article

Choosing the right generators for home use

In recent years there has been an increase in severe weather events — typhoons, Hurricanes, Storms, wildfires, and flooding. Global warming is having an impact, and it is predicted to get worse. It is more likely that you will have... View Article

From little acorns Active Buildings grow

2020 promises to be an exciting year for the construction industry, particularly for architects with whom green and sustainable practices are rapidly starting to take root. One such system is the ‘Active Building’ approach, pioneered by the government-backed SPECIFIC and... View Article

A guide to providing an extension for your Irish house

As you know, the Irish are known to be simple people relatively in their culture, lifestyle, and decision-making processes. This ease to life is further noticed in the choice designs for mass housing schemes. These architectural designs show the complexity... View Article

View Point: Kelly Watson of Hatch Regeneris

With architects increasingly asked to demonstrate the added value of their work, Dr Kelly Watson of Hatch Regeneris discusses how they can more explicitly harness the wider social value of projects The social value agenda has visibly gained prominence and... View Article

Ask the Architect: Jo Cowen

Jo Cowen, founder of Jo Cowen Architects, explains her ethos for managing a practice and what drives her as a designer Why did you decide to found your own practice in 2012? I have always had the ambition of starting... View Article

Practice Profile: Simone de Gale Architects

An agile firm with an open-minded remit, Simone de Gale Architects champions a wide range of design typologies, innovation in materials, and diversity in architecture. The practice’s founder speaks to Sébastien Reed Simone de Gale Architects founded her practice in... View Article

Ensuring public safety in construction management

The role of a construction manager can range from overseeing small updates and renovations to managing huge sprawling sites with multiple workmen applying their trades. Whatever the size of the project, public safety should always be of the utmost importance... View Article

Bathroom furniture ideas for small bathrooms

Bathroom furniture refers to items like vanities, hampers and storage containers that make the average bathroom more usable. They’re hidden behind the toilet and stand in the corner of the shower. Or it is the vanity next to or around... View Article

Five things to keep in mind when hiring plant hire services

Whether you are building a home or a business building, at some point in the construction process, you will need equipment. Equipment ranging from bulldozers to ploys are all necessary to successfully complete a construction project. Nevertheless, despite the importance... View Article

Five smart tips to add value to your house

When you finally decide to sell your house, you want it to go in the best price possible. No one wants to sell their home on a throw away price. You might always wonder how some people sell their house... View Article

Everything you might need to know about bathrooms

Cubicles are a mainstay of the modern office. They’re used to create many individual offices for staff, reducing noise and providing privacy at a relatively low cost. Cubicles are often used in other areas, as well. And you may not... View Article

The pros and cons of concrete flooring

Concrete flooring is making a comeback across the board. Let’s look at the pros and cons of concrete flooring so that you can determine whether or not it is right for your project. We’ll also discuss why businesses are choosing... View Article

Site Lines: Low impact, high materiality

Gavin Maloney of Arup looks at how a house made of expanded cork combines impeccable sustainability credentials with a high degree of tactile beauty Never has public opinion been more interested in how we dispose of the things we produce... View Article

View Point: Katy Barker of Directline Structures

Architect Katy Barker of Directline Structures says that despite the barriers to collaborative working, architects could take a leading role in Design & Build Most people understand the premise of Design & Build procurement – a single organisation undertakes the... View Article

Ask the Architect: Laura Carrara-Cagni

Laura Carrara-Cagni of Edward Williams Architects answers ADF’s questions about the things that drive her, personally and professionally Why did you become an architect? I love travelling and I wanted to become an interpreter, so I actually studied languages first.... View Article

An internal monologue on copper

Copper has seen a dramatic change in use from its historic place roofing prestigious buildings to being a thoroughly modern external skin for contemporary architecture. But its role as an interior surfacing material is also growing, presenting new opportunities and... View Article

Site Lines – Serving student wellbeing needs

Students in the 21st century face a wide range of health and wellbeing challenges as well as technological demands. James Allison of architects Bennetts Associates discusses an example of thoughtful improvement of student wellbeing facilities for Cambridge University In the... View Article