A home-made in a generic environment

Studio RHE has completed a unique four bedroomed villa  in Saint-Nom-la-Bretèche in the heart of Yvelines, a house and plot of 400 m2.

Its immediate surroundings consist of homes from different periods, stone or plaster, roofing slate. This house is confronted with a very fragmented environment: on the back of the plot of another dwelling, it is accessible only by a narrow asphalt road. Besides, from the street, there are no signs of its existence and we guess just the top of his gear. As if that were not enough, the pavilion is the centre of a garden surrounded by high hedges which cut net any visual connection with his entourage; it can not open or on the street, or to his neighbours.

This isolated place could be anywhere on earth … hence the problem of architects: how to invent a singular life script from this generic environment?

The answer is simple: by drawing on inner resources of the Franco-Japanese family that inhabits this passive house. Inside, we evolve gradually, step by step, in a space that is sequenced from one room to another since the “genkan” lower part of the house so typical of Japanese architecture where depositing his shoes before entering. The home expands its modest volume by extending by a large terrace to the garden but also through non-standard interiors as this large open room the first level which has no particular function, just a shelf contiguous to the window. Like the Tokyoites microarchitectures, home made “more” with “less”. Certified passive, but active, therefore Japanese.

ref: 33265