A timeless classic in Istanbul: Villa Dogan

The Villa Dogan designed by Istanbul based Batur and Batur Architecture, has become a cosy and serene living space in Beykoz, Istanbul, taking inspiration from fairytales. In addition to the functional design approach of the architects in general, the classical style is dominant in line with the brief of the owners of the house.

The owners of the Villa Dogan had lived abroad for a long time and decided to return to Turkey, so they started to search for a house with a swimming pool and a garden where their children could play freely. Mrs. Canan demanded everything specially designed in her new home. They requested an open kitchen like Italian kitchens, thasos marble at the entrance of the house (the most preferred stone in Turkmenistan) and a beautiful bedroom design.

After taking measurements of the house at the design stage, Batur and Batur Architecture had to make their selections in favour of classical furniture because a modern style was not preferred. In the kitchen they used Italian Scavolini, which is classic but had clear lines.

In the design of wooden furniture, they created the design to provide an integrity in all doors, mouldings, skirtings and cabinet doors.

In the parents’ bedroom, the architects were able to capture the bathroom, the changing room and the view of the entire villa has one single view. They designed the bedhead in a way to make the owners feel special, and on the opposite wall, family pictures are displayed and when required, the LCD screen and television can be viewed. In the dressing room they designed a closet unit where all the clothes could be stored carefully and in the middle unit all the accessories could be displayed.

Because of constantly travelling abroad, the bathrooms had to be very special and  combined to the bedroom and the bathroom with the fixed glass module. From the jacuzzi, the whole room’s grandeur was integrated with the view of the valley. In the walls, three-dimensional effect was created with embossed marble modules, in some areas the Versace model details were used. The inner surfaces of the Kohler bowl sinks were decorated with specially designed tile workmanship.

The working table, the toy box, the profile detail on the clothes cupboards, the bedhead and nightstand designed in a harmony in the bedroom for the 6 years old little daughter of the family.

The upper hall was designed in such a way that daily special guests will be accommodated. When the fireplace is used, the costumers can see the turquoise colour of the pool by the window during their warm conversations. A specially designed framed mirror applied on the wall of the dining area, an environment was created where the whole green garden view enriched the dining area. The lighting has been created with circular shaped mache pieces used on gap ceiling and the marquetry parquet used in the ground. At the entrance of the villa, a special wrought iron details with thasos marble and Alexander black marble are used. Wrought iron separator was applied to the staircase.

Batur and Batur Architecture designed an island kitchen used in everyday life on the lower floor. There are a long table where close family friends can come to eat together, a specially designed LCD wall, and a glass unit where the house’s trinket collection was displayed. In the living room the seating groups was created to give comfort. It is fact that the winter garden addition to this living room was the most precious area of the house. The area can be used for coffee conversations on snowy days and light rainy days with the garden view or as a book reading corner when used alone.

Lacquer panel and wallpaper combination used again for guest bathroom. A classic furniture with drawers, specially designed for this bathroom. All baths and sinks were again selected from Kohler.

With a beautiful study room on the roof of the house, an independent space was created for Mr. Kubilay. The eldest daughter of the family can work with her friends on this floor, and when necessary, a terraced area was created where they would come out and look at the green valley and take a deep breath. As a person who likes playing piano, a special space has been created for her to create her own compositions.

The house exterior was specially designed and built. The leaf-patterned design made on the house entrance windshield parts also used on railing system integration with precast parts. With the joint gap details and precast coat layers on the facade, a boutique villa created like the fairytale environment. Details are riveted with the colour choices used on facade.

Due to the level differences on the landscape, the architects had to use stairs to the lower garden and creation of the whole garden landscape accomplished by these circumstances. A gothic ambiance was created on the staircase by dividing it into two, right and left. On the wall made of cube stones with wrought iron used parts, a decorative casting fountain was placed to create whole same feeling in the area.

Around the pool area teak wood used and a private sunbathing area was created. Inside of the pool, the pebble materials are used to create a natural beach, sand feeling. A teak shower system concealed between the trees was designed.

The most important place of garden was the production of pergolas suitable for both sitting and eating. For the area, a special pergola detail was designed. The area was enriched by large-size travertine floor with wooden columns and battens. Seating groups and tables are specially selected. With a spacious green space used on garden landscape, home visibility provided. Wrought iron balcony railings were carried on the garden walls to ensure continuity.