Abode Tempau®

The concept of our unique thermostatic valve product Tempeau was born partially from legislation changes to thermostatic bathing safety in Part G building regulations and partially from on-going conversations with the public and installers. Tempeau is a UK designed product for UK style deck mounted baths, for UK water pressure and meeting UK building regulations.

Thermostatic showers have long since been increasing in popularity in the UK, but when thermostatic regulations came into force there were and still remains, very few options available.

Tempeau is a revolutionary thermostatic bathing and showering system from Abode, designed to co-ordinate with eight of our contemporary ranges of bathroom brassware.

At the heart of the concept is the Tempeau thermostatic valve design which has been designed and created to deliver thermostatic safety to both bathing and showering experiences alike, to be significantly faster and easier to install and maintain, compared to existing wall mounted solutions. To allow the user to obtain the best possible flow performance from the UK’s notoriously low pressure hot water systems and finally to be intrinsically simple to understand and easy to order.

The result is an easy to install, carefully selected combination of bathing and showering kits, where all the clever stuff is hidden away under the bath. All the consumer has to do is choose the style of kit configuration and the design of the hand wheels either from the Abode brochure, from their plumber or on line at www.abode.eu – it really is that simple!