An estate agent service that can help you sell your property quickly

What if you could have a guaranteed house sale within 30 days and had no fees to pay? No such guarantee exists right? Wrong.

A new quick house sale service, launched by fast sale estate agents, GetAnOffer who are located in Worthing, West Sussex. They claim that “you can reach 98 per cent of buyers effortlessly with a service that you can 100 per cent trust” with their help.

GetAnOffer also claim to offer a way out of;

  • Inheriting property problems
  • Financial difficulties such as debt
  • Relocating or emigration
  • Downsizing your home
  • Stopping house repossession
  • Divorce or separation
  • Spent too long on the open market

With local experts in place all over the country, GetAnOffer assure you a quick sale no matter the location of the property. Once the property transaction is completed the cash is released to your bank account giving you liquid funds to have total freedom to buy the home of your dreams – or simply what you want to do.

With six steps to their quick sale service, GetAnOffer boast superiority over traditional estate agency methods.

Step 1 – Book a valuation

Step 2 – Accepting their valuation

Step 3 – Independent valuations

Step 4 – Solicitors and paperwork is taken care of

Step 5 – Offer confirmation in writing

Step 6 – Sale complete and cash in your account

GetAnOffer showcase the fact that this whole sell house fast service is fully managed meaning that you can concentrate on the next step in life while their property agents complete the house sale.

You Might Wonder How GetAnOffer Value Your Property

Once you contact GetAnOffer their property buying team will ask you for details about your property, these include;

  • History of your property
  • What price you would like to achieve
  • Why you need to move
  • When you need to move

Once happy with all the information they have gathered their in-house team will find a price they believe your property will sell for (don’t worry as you’ll also get an independent valuation from a RICS surveyor), you can then both agree the selling price.

Are the No Fees or Charges Claims Correct?

Simply – yes. The claims are true. GetAnOffer will pay all your legal costs and fees. They will also cover any other fees during this time. As they state on their website “you can rest easy knowing that the price we offer will be exactly the amount you receive” suggests there is no hidden fees.

As always when thinking of making a life changing decision make sure you show due diligence and do your research. Check company reviews and ensure you’re committed to selling your house.