Back to bars in the bathroom

A hot topic in the news, is the ever-growing plastics debate which is now starting to focus on bathroom cosmetics and the unnecessary packaging; this week, shower gel is in the spotlight

We constantly hear how we can avoid single-use plastic; now we need to ditch our plastic shower gel bottles for a traditional bar of soap. But don’t we all associate soap bars as being gooey, slimy and a nightmare to store – what is the solution? Abacus Bathrooms is!

Both luxury and high-street brands are bringing back the bar of solid soap to replace shower gels and their plastic packaging; but how do you stop the germs building-up on the solid soap?

Abacus Bathrooms has a range of stylish soap dishes to match your bathroom scheme, and other design solutions, like the waterproof recessed storage unit. The clever inbuilt units make the most of your space to create fully waterproof shelves for your soap bar within the shower wall.

So, what’s holding you back? Stop the plastic; use solid soap!

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