Backwater protection and hybrid drainage systems from IPS & KESSEL AG

KESSEL AG – Protecting buildings from sewer flooding, through innovation

Properties can become flooded by wastewater backing up through the foul sewer or rainwater system, and identifying Backwater Protection products, that meet the design standard, are reliable, cost-effective, and robust solutions, is never easy. So, KESSEL AG have developed a range of innovative products over the last 50+ years, that meet all these requirements, providing the best solutions.

The Backwater Protection range from KESSEL, is designed, manufactured, tested and certified to BSEN13564, delivering proven performance and quality, on thousands of projects across the UK and Europe. They are the product of choice for all UK Water Companies, and have provided protection to properties, where other solutions have failed.

The Staufix Control® Inline non-return valve, provides a reliable protection, with alerts through Wifi connectivity, indicating to the home owner when the sewer is backing up, and that their property is protected. There are various models of the staufix available, making it suitable for most budgets, but always providing certified protection to the highest standard.

The innovative Pumpfix F Komfort® and Ecolift XL® Hybrid Systems incorporate optical sensors and motor driven closure valves, that are open at rest, allowing for gravity flow, but then close during backwater providing protection. These systems than transform into lifting stations, over pumping up to 17 l/s of waste water and rainwater from the property, into the full sewer, against up to 20m of static head. This compact solution is normally installed on the sewer line before the connection with the public sewer, allowing the drainage system to flow by gravity for the majority of the time, but when needed, prevent backflow, and allows the building to drain normally, even during a flood event.