BBA QR code scheme destined for certified success

The British Board of Agrément (BBA) has launched a new initiative which provides customers, architects and key specifiers with instant access to an array of vital product and manufacturer information via the internet.

Available to all existing BBA Agrément certificate holders, QR codes have been introduced as a free addition to the current service. The branded codes will be issued to Agrément and Highway Authorities Product Approval Scheme (HAPAS) Certificate holders, and are expected to appear in advertisements and on products over the coming months.  They will link users via a mobile phone or tablet to a webpage containing details such as the Certificate holder’s installation guidance and contact details for product support.

Alison Paskell, BBA Client Experience Manager, said: “A QR code is particularly good for a BBA Certificate holder’s customers because it offers instant access to important data such as product helplines or technical support without having to sift through paperwork or online searches. Members of the construction industry have said they’re incredibly keen on the scheme because the QR code can link to a product’s maintenance information which can help architects decide whether to specify it for their project.”

Agrément or HAPAS Certificate holders will be sent a QR Code Client Information Request Form in order to take part in the scheme. This should be completed along with a section which requests a URL to the product installation instructions. Upon receipt, the BBA will generate the QR code, build and publish a landing page which will direct the user to the Certificate holder’s website and provide a digital QR Code for printing. Details contained within the QR code will be updated by the Certificate holder when necessary. 

QR codes are seen as a simple, ideal marketing medium for the construction industry and perfect for printed material such as advertisements, packaging and delivery notes. The codes can also be printed onto the actual product.

QR code readers and scanners can be downloaded free onto any mobile device. The BBA recommends:

iPhones and Pads – QR Reader for iPhone (TapMedia Ltd)

Android – QR Code Scanner (Emoji Café) and/or QR Droid Code Scanner (DroidLa)

For more information on how QR codes can work for you, please contact Alison Paskell on 01923 665376 or e-mail: apaskell(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)