Being bold in brick slips

Architects can dream big and dream bold with Aliva UK’s ‘Class A’ EWI brick slip systems, a product suite that offers versatility, adaptability and cost effectiveness.

Architects are not bound by one type of brick slip, standard or restricted ranges with Aliva, thanks to its relationships and supply chain that spans the UK, Spain, Italy, Germany and Holland.

Aliva UK can combine EWI with four leading-edge solutions: Clay, Lightweight, Stone and Ceramic to realise bespoke brick slip design with scale and scope rather than watered down architectural aspiration.

The facade specialist’s EWI and brick slip proposition allows the integrity of an architectural vision to be realised – not comprised – due to cost parameters.

The company’s brick consultants have 25 years’ experience, a proven pedigree in providing counsel around Modern Methods of Construction alongside the possibilities and practicalities of brick slip solutions.

James Ormerod, Aliva UK MD, said:

“We can advise on weight and support systems through to the cost efficiency that EWI and brick slip solutions can present compared to a traditional construction method. Dreams can be made a reality using this solution suite – for a lot less cost. Why use traditional when you can use one of our four slip methods as your ‘new normal’?”

EWI and clay slips

Design brick facades without height restrictions or the need to build them traditionally using Aliva’s EWI and fired clay brick slip system. It’s range comes in all colour tones, smooth and sand-faced textures through to handmade type finishes. The range consists of both UK and European brick sizes. Equally, if there is a requirement to use a particular clay brick, Aliva can have these cut as slips. Its system allows creative and often expensive detailing and design to be achieved without the extra associated costs. Deep seated window heads and reveals, stepped levels around elevations are all standard within Aliva’s system.

EWI and lightweight brick slips

A new approach to using brick slips in a slim version that looks identical to traditional slips, it offers a lightweight solution that can also be used without height restrictions. This range allows specifiers to develop their own brick and size to give an exclusive feel to their façade. The range consists of both UK and European brick sizes.

EWI and stone slips

Elegant and stylish slips in stone are a possibility thanks to Aliva’s supply chain in Italy and Germany. These stone-like slips are available in a vast range of stone colours and textures. Stone slip units are available in varying coursing styles and sizes that adapt to any design or detail.

EWI and ceramic slips

Here a traditional method literally meets modern art. Using Aliva’s clay Listello slips it is able to glaze not only to any RAL, NCS, Pantone and colour scan but also to bespoke designs (quantity depending). Aliva’s Listello slips are literally larger than life, with its standard slips larger than UK sizes, in both flat and profiled finishes.

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