BEMO’s unrivalled rollforming technology used at Kerry’s new Gaelic Athletic Association Centre of Excellence

Kerry’s new Gaelic Athletic Association Centre of Excellence, in Currans, has benefitted from BEMO’s unrivalled rollforming technology. Creating the unique circular shape presented unique challenges. The architectural intent required tapered standing seam panels in continuous lengths of up to 18.3 metres, avoiding the need for welded end laps which can create a potential weak point and a less desirable appearance. Thanks to long term investment in software and technology, the patented BEMO-MONRO system was used to ensure the extreme lengths and widths could easily be accommodated. Over 2200m² of tapered panels were required, with the most extreme geometry reserved for the longest lengths: tapers with a maximum width of 680mm and minimum of 110mm.

In order to develop the design, BEMO’s technical team developed a standing seam panel layout which takes into account the width and length of the panels, the coil requirements and the manufacturing processes required.

BEMO and Roofing Contractor Mosco Gleeson took advantage of the mobile nature of the BEMO-MONRO rollformer to reduce transportation costs and save time on site. Over a period of less than three days, all standing seam panels were produced and ready for installation. The BEMO-MONRO system is a patented technology that allows extreme shapes, such as tapers and freeform panels, to be produced through development of CNC data. Allowing greater freedom in design, the unique manufacturing process has been used worldwide on many prestigious and complicated projects.

BEMO specified and supplied the full roof system, including structural deck and GFK halters, ensuring a single source warranty. Designed to achieve a ‘U’ Value of 0.18W/m²K, the roof envelope depth was kept to a minimum thanks to the non-metallic GFK halter.