Brett Landscaping showcases commercial paving range with tailored brochures

Customising key information to better meet the requirements of specific commercial customers, Brett Landscaping has launched two new brochure formats, designed to meet the specific needs of civil engineers as well as landscape architects and designers respectively.

The well-established hard landscaping firm, with its impressive portfolio of products and deserved reputation for quality manufacturing and commercial design, has developed its commercial sector offering significantly in recent years, primarily to meet the various construction needs of its fast expanding client base.

Commercial developments as diverse as schools, hospitals, highways and housebuilding – together with smaller scale private projects – have increasingly been fulfilled using paving, specialist kerbs, surface water management systems and bespoke products from Brett.

Whereas previously, the manufacturer produced a singular commercial brochure, Brett Landscaping’s latest literature is divided into two:

  • Specialist Kerbs & Permeable Paving which is aimed at the highway engineer covers the more technical products such as Trief containment kerbs, Kassel bus access kerbs and permeable paving where functionality is key.
  • Inspiring Paving & Kerbs is targeted at the landscape architect and specifier audience who are far more interested in product aesthetics and design attributes. This brochure accesses our extensive range of commercial block, flag and housebuilder paving products.

Customers can now request both of these brochures online by visiting; alternatively, they can access individual product range details from the individual web pages. Marketing Manager Andrew Gill, explains the rationale:

“At Brett Landscaping we’re fortunate enough to attract a truly varied customer base, from national corporate businesses and major developers through to family run trade operations and self-build project managers. Our customers have various priority focuses when it comes to product selection so we felt that the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach so often seen in our industry was no longer appropriate for today’s construction professional. Engineers and project managers may be looking for the very best technical, drainage or structural solution, whereas a landscape architect’s product precedence would more likely revolve around aesthetics, material or even ethical trading. We therefore felt that it was important to create two different brochure solutions; each designed to showcase our products with either technical or aesthetic emphasis, while also covering our flexibility, enhanced customer service capabilities and ability to create and deliver the exact product our customers are looking for.”

The decision has resulted in production of both the ‘Inspirational Paving’ brochure; with creative, photographic dominance, relevant case-studies and product specifics, and the ‘Specialist Kerbs’ brochure, with its leaning towards technical solutions and details of successful past installations.

Andrew again:

“Both new brochure versions are visually led, extremely informative and showcase the breadth and suitability of Brett in commercial applications. We predict they’ll be well received and of considerable use to clients, both current and potential.”

For instant access to the latest Brett Landscaping brochures, download them as PDFs from or for a hard copy, telephone 0845 60 80 579.