Brio single run offers zero clearance

Brio, the leading architectural sliding and folding door hardware manufacturer, has developed a wide range of fixings for exterior and interior sliding timber doors with its Single Run portfolio. Now the company has added an option to the range to make floor to ceiling sliding doors more streamlined.

Floor to ceiling sliding doors and shutters are becoming more and more popular in domestic, commercial and retail environments, providing in-built flexibility for how the space is used. However, Brio realises floor to ceiling doors present their own challenges when it comes to sliding door hardware. To achieve the modern minimalist look you need unobtrusive hardware that can be discreetly hidden from view.

Brio has risen to those challenges by offering its Single Run 100 top hung system with a Zero Clearance option. Single Run 100 Zero Clearance hardware allows minimal gaps between the door panel and hardware, offering a pleasing aesthetic finish on floor to ceiling installations.

With no hanger plates or screws protruding above the top edge of the door, Single Run 100 has been designed to achieve clearances of 3mm between the track and the top of the door. And, to go with the discreet top, the new spring loaded guide and bottom rail can also be concealed within the bottom edge of the door thereby extending Zero Clearance to floor level.

“The new system has already proved popular with architects and specifiers as only 3mm clearance is required between the top of the door and the track. The track can be installed into the ceiling so the door looks as though it is floating as the hangers are difficult if not impossible to see. It is a very aesthetically pleasing effect.

“In fact, Single Run 100 Zero Clearance has proved so popular we are introducing a Zero Clearance option across the whole Single Run range later this year,”

says David Newton, General Manager at Brio UK.

Single Run is designed for use on interior and exterior sliding shutters and doors in residential or light commercial settings. The application caters for any straight sliding top hung system from room dividers to agricultural and industrial doors – from 60kg to 650kg. The system is suitable for one panel sliding to one side or two panels bi-parting on a single run of track. Panels can also slide parallel to one another making Single Run suit just about any application.

Single Run 60 & 80 are suitable for a single door or for two doors on a bi-parting installation for doors up to 60kg in weight.

Single Run 120 is designed for panels up to 120kg in residential or light commercial sites. The corrosion resistant cast stainless steel hangers make this a durable solution for high traffic areas.

Single Run 180 is probably the most versatile with a weight bearing of 180kg and this product can accommodate an aluminium-framed panel 2.5m x 2.5m with 10mm thick glass on a single track or parallel to another panel. Single Run 180 is suited to both internal and external residential, commercial and light industrial applications.

Single Run 250 is a top hung galvanised steel sliding door track system suitable for commercial, industrial and agricultural applications. The use of structural aluminium in a track with a 3mm wall enables Single Run 250 to cope with 250kg loads.

All Brio Single Run systems offer quiet finger-tip control through the combination of track profile, precision bearings and nylon tyred wheels.

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