BRUFMA’s response to report on the impacts of climate policy on energy bills

The recent Committee on Climate Change report about the impacts of climate change policy on energy bills recognises both the potential of, and the challenges faced, by initiatives to improve insulation in the UK. Without doubt, good insulation is essential if homes and buildings in the UK are to become more energy efficient and sustainable and off-set some of the increasing energy costs the country faces.

The Committee report confirms that improved energy efficiency can ‘significantly dampen’ the effect of increased energy prices. For instance, homes without gas heating will gain a larger share of efficiency savings through cost-effective insulation of solid walls. Also highlighted in the report is the importance of an effective policy package to deliver these savings by implementing strong product standards and strengthened energy efficiency policies to encourage insulation uptake.

This report reiterates many of the messages of which BRUFMA is supportive. Chiefly, the significant savings that can be obtained through better energy efficiency, helping to reduce household bills and tackling fuel poverty, as well as the importance of strengthening energy policy and encouraging households to increase thermal performance by installing better insulation. The figures suggest that improvements to energy efficiency will save the typical household £290 per year, but with the potential to deliver even further savings in future. Delivering cost-effective energy efficiency policy is a challenge, but BRUFMA will continue to work with the government to deliver effective policy approaches to increase uptake and support householders to benefit from available savings.

As well as savings for householders, the report also includes analysis on business energy prices and bills, and highlights similar potential for energy savings from insulation for commercial buildings. BRUFMA is also engaged with this sector and supportive of policies which can drive uptake of energy efficiency improvements in commercial buildings.

Simon Storer, chief executive, BRUFMA

You can read the Committee on Climate Change’s Energy Prices and Bills Report 2017 here.

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