Can’t wait for the FIFA World Cup? The Top 10 Best Sport Stadium Designs 2018 by DesignCurial

  • Including the largest hemispherical building on Earth
  • A stadium that cost a whopping US$423 million to build
  • One of our Top 10 is the largest sports arena in Africa, holding 87,436 seats

Ahead of the multitude of sports events this year – including the XXIII Olympic Winter Games in South Korea, the FIFA World Cup 2018 and the Commonwealth Games in Australia – DesignCurial reveals our Top 10 Best Sports Stadium Designs 2018. The countdown recognises the best stadia designs from around the world to celebrate these gigantic designs.

From Belarus to North Korea, the stadium designs were judged on their innovation, expression, unique or stand-out aesthetics, their relationship to the environment and what they mean to their country.

With two Beijing based stadiums, China is the country with the best sports stadium architecture in the world. However, with five sport stadium designs in the Top 10 – including Zaha Hadid’s London Aquatics Centre and the Stade Velodrome – Europe is the continent that features the best sport stadium designs.