Cotswold stays’ success with Carl F Groupco customers

FS Friction Stays from Cotswold Architectural Products have become best-selling lines for hardware distributor Carl F Groupco. Functionality and durability are reported as key reasons for the stays’ popularity. Manufacture in both ferretic and high grade corrosion resistant austenitic stainless steel is recognised as significant in adding to the appeal of the range.

Commenting on the popularity of the product, John Mitchell, Head of Technical Support for

Carl F Groupco, said:

“With each variant available in ferretic or austenitic steel, the Cotswold range offers much more than a standard stay. The austenitic option provides higher grade corrosion resistance which is ideal for use on windows located in coastal areas or in places where high humidity is a factor, such as swimming pools.

“The “Extreme” variants of FS Friction Stays offer additional support for heavy duty windows up to 35kg in weight.”

Featuring two reinforced austenitic heavy duty links which add strength, the friction stays are ideal for triple glazed windows.