Craven Dunnill’s new hexagon tiles on trend for 2015

The hexagon is predicted to become a popular style trend during 2015 for both wall and floor tiles. The six-sided shape is starting to appear in decorative patterns, as wall mosaics and individual floor tiles. Reflecting this trend, Craven Dunnill has introduced, into its extensive Renaissance Collection, two new ranges featuring the fashionable hexagon: Astoria Stone and Etruscan.

Astoria Stone

This new floor and wall tile range features a multi-stone decorative design, which is an arresting and fashionable interpretation of popular, natural stone. The focal design element of the range is the Hexagon glazed porcelain floor and wall mosaic (245mm x 247mm sheet). There are also traditionally shaped field tiles in the range, which set off the hexagon design theme. Astoria Stone is made of porcelain and is offered in three colour options: Bone, Taupe and Country.


This new wall and floor tile range reflects the revival of terracotta as an interior design style. Thanks to new technology, the Etruscan tiles capture the look of original terracotta but made in hard-wearing, glazed porcelain, rather than the softer porous body of traditional terracotta tiles. Another new development is the move to large format terracotta tiles, including 600mm x 600mm and hexagon shaped glazed floor tiles.

Craven Dunnill is a leading tile distributor, working with a network of specialist retailers across the country. Acclaimed for its outstanding levels of service and innovative product range, the company is acknowledged for its technical expertise and has unrivalled access to both stocked and exclusive lines.