Create and order a bespoke wetroom shower tray in minutes with Abacus

A new pioneering facility on Abacus’ website,, allows a trade customer to create, design and order a bespoke wetroom shower tray in minutes. This can be done by logging into the dealer log-in portal’s home page in the usual way.

Delays over CAD design are an old, painful memory and customers will receive a quote instantly. The process involves choosing a drain type, a tray depth and size, and then the location. A quote is produced immediately; this can be saved or orders can be placed then and there. With super quick delivery, the new system is designed for today’s customer demands.

The dealer log-in portal is accessed with one click from the home page with personalised log-in details required to get to confidential account information. The sections comprise Orders for tracking and placing a multi-line order; Sales for monthly sales reports, CSV price lists and details of individual discount structures; Accounts where statements, invoices and credit notes can be downloaded and new credit limits requested; Returns for requests and status of returns; Customer Service where contact details on both sides are housed and updated, and the Abacus YouTube channel. The final Administrator icon manages log-in details and access permission rights.

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