CUPA PIZARRAS provides excellence in natural slate

Natural slate remains a popular choice with architects due to the long-term durability of the material as well as the range and quality of finishes possible. CUPA R12 EXCELLENCE, one of the best selling products in the range, provides architects with a number of aesthetic and practical benefits.

The CUPA 12 is a dark grey slate with thin laminations and superior homogeneity of colour to create a uniform appearance across the entire roof. CUPA PIZARRAS employs a highly rigorous grading process to ensure the slates in the R EXCELLENCE Selection meet the highest standards in terms of consistent thickness and flat surface. This regular thickness makes it easier to install and contributes to the product’s signature finish. The highly versatile CUPA R12 EXCELLENCE is available in a wide range of formats and sizes to meet the requirements of any project.

CUPA PIZARRAS extracted its first slate in 1892 and today operates the oldest working slate quarry in the world. The R12 EXCELLENCE range benefits from the company’s 125 years of experience and innovation to ensure the highest quality materials. The superior quality of R12 EXCELLENCE is backed up by CUPA PIZARRAS’ 100-year warranty.

In addition, traceability is vital to guarantee the quality and provenance of building materials and give specifiers confidence in the products that will feature most prominently in their project. CUPA PIZARRAS owns and operates all its own quarries and warehouses and a unique barcode ensures every tile can be traced back to the source. No other slate manufacturer offers 100% traceability – a feature that is extremely valuable to contractors and architects.

Nigel Tozer, UK Sales Manager at CUPA PIZARRAS commented,

“Our CUPA R12 Excellence slate is a highly popular choice, especially in the UK, and has been used for a diverse range of projects from unique residential homes and housing developments to churches and hotels. The R EXCELLENCE Selection allows specifiers to select a slate that has all the aesthetic and performance benefits the expect from CUPA PIZARRAS but with an added level of uniformity.”

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