Dallmer aids drainage at Newmarket Spa

The privately owned Bedford Lodge Hotel in Newmarket, a Victorian property once part of the estate of the sixth Duke of Bedford has recently launched a new Spa.

The Bedford Lodge Hotel management called on Barnes Construction, a Suffolk based Construction Company, to carry out the refurbishment work to their respective high standards.

The Spa offers a range of Heat Experiences as well as a Hydrotherapy pool cleansing, mud treatments, showers, steam, and sauna rooms, beauty rooms and a Spa lounge.

With regard to most of the services provided, an abundance of water is used and needs to be drained away efficiently and unobtrusively, therefore a suitable product for wet rooms was required.

Barnes Construction contacted Dallmer, a company with over 100 years experience in this sphere and sought advice as to which of its extensive range of products would be suitable.

Dallmer recommended its floor channel Ceraline Pronto F 600mm with a built in depth of only 129.5mm, which would be suitable for each location in the Spa.

The Pronto was extremely simple to install, flanges securing the drain to the floor are grade quartz sand coated onto epoxy glue which gives optimal waterproof adhesion.

The Pronto has sound insulated adjustable levelling legs as well as adjustable screws for levelling the steel cover plate. The drain body has a removable trap insert for easy cleaning and then either a stainless steel cover plate was used or matching tile finish.

In certain areas a Dallmer Tisto one piece FASTTRAP, which is perfect for wet rooms on timber or solid floors was installed together with a stainless steel satin finish frame and grate.

Tested to a flow rate of 45 litres per minute, the trap is specifically designed for use with the latest high-powered showers.

The high quality, reliability and long life offered by Dallmer floor channels will help maintain the high standards provided by the Bedford Hotel Spa.

For more information contact Dalmer on 01787 248244 Email: info(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)dallmer.com Web: www.dallmer.com