Domestic Boiler Manager offers 20 per cent energy savings

Save up to 20% on home heating and hot water bills with Marshall-Tufflex’s award-winning Domestic Boiler Manager system.

DBM controls the firing cycle of gas, oil and LPG boilers, reducing unnecessary boiler firing (dry cycling). Not only does this, typically, reduce boiler running costs by 20% (subject to usage pattern) it also prolongs the lifespan of boilers because they do not have to work as hard.

Boilers fire to reach a set temperature (according to the thermostat or room stat setting). But the frequency and duration of firing often exceeds what’s required to satisfy demand. The DBM’s software uses flow and return temperature data to calculate the most efficient boiler firing pattern. This significantly reduces fuel wastage. Internal comfort levels are maintained and CO2 emissions reduced.

The unit takes around 90 minutes for a qualified electrician to install, subject to access. No invasive plumbing or disconnection of the gas supply is required therefore the installer does not require ‘Gas Safe’ registration. Unit size: 177mm x 12mm x 37mm.

DBM is Energy Saving Trust Recommended and a recognised technology that can be installed under the Green Deal.

The Domestic Boiler Management system has a typical payback period of three years or less. Field trials carried out in social housing properties support this. One elderly resident, who required the heating on for long periods, recorded savings in excess of 61%. Trials did not use the weather compensation sensor.