dormakaba launches new stylish security solution

Stylish with intuitive access control, the new Argus range from dormakaba is a contemporarily designed barrier system that allows fluid movement whilst providing a first line of access security.

The Argus range is the ultimate combination of efficient functionality and sleek styling, available in three models – Argus 40, Argus 60 and Argus 80. Featuring glass or plastic door leaves, the Argus 60 and 80 models also feature soft ambient lighting options to complement interior design and create a warm, welcoming entrance for authorised visitors.

Through the new motor drive system, barrier operation is also whisper quiet, so that in busy lobby areas with multiple lanes the Argus is not intrusive, which helps create a more relaxed reception for staff and visitors. Through class leading power consumption, building energy efficiencies are improved.

Flexible for a variety of applications, the passage widths are adjustable up to 1,600mm – so they are able to suit any building or access requirements. For increased security, the door leaves can also be provided up to 1,800mm height, whilst still retaining a 200mm ground clearance.

Argus also contains highly efficient segregation sensors ensuring the door leaves move exactly before and after a person has passed through, not while they are inside. The Argus 40 sensor utilises a horizontal strip that is able to detect people from 300mm away, with an optional hip height sensor to optimise this.

The Argus 60 and 80 models feature an “L” shaped detection array with additional vertical sensor so unauthorised visitors can now be detected faster – to 100mm from the person in front. This also means even if a person is carrying a suitcase, a delivery trolley or is a wheelchair user, the sensors will remain open only for the authorised individual.

Each barrier can be integrated into the emergency or fire alarm control system. This means when an alarm is activated, the door leaves will automatically open and stay open to allow for easy means of escape. In addition, the Argus 60 and Argus 80’s ambient lighting can then be changed into escape lighting, clearly guiding occupants to the exits, crucial in the event of thick smoke or darkness.

Argus barriers can also be specified with the dormakaba Saferoute Control Unit (SCU), which provides local emergency opening through either independent or integrated with emergency exits and fire alarms. An authorised individual with the master key switch can easily reset the system in the event of a test or false alarm.

Lee Chandler, Product Marketing Manager for Automatic Entrance Systems at dormakaba says,

“our new Argus series combines style with effective building access control, and meets the complex requirements for the modern office environment without compromise on aesthetics or performance.”

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