Efficient watersaving, effortless maintenance

Future-thinking architects are utilising the sustainable and aesthetic appeal of sensor taps, while building managers are taking advantage of a more reliable and cost-saving solution to water usage. People are switching on to the fact that a water saving of up to 70% can be expected through the installation of CONTI+ sensor products.

If you are looking to save water and energy, meet the most stringent standards of hygiene while also providing a user friendly yet vandal-proof solution, CONTI+ ultra is the number one choice. Suitable for every environment from healthcare, education, leisure or workplace, CONTI+ ultra offers a broad range of size, colour and energy supply options. Its smart design ensures users enjoy an exceptionally high level of hygiene and reliability for ultimate convenience. Fully controllable, this product also promotes the sustainable use of resources.

Maintenance is simple with above-deck access to all parts allowing you to change the battery, solenoid or even isolate the water in seconds. Spare parts are common throughout most CONTI+ products giving purchasers a simple solution for their maintenance teams and with mains, battery, turbine or solar power, there is an option available to suit all building maintenance strategies.

The CONTI+ Ultra range can be retrofitted with ease due to its top-mounting option and are delivered self commissioned negating the need for specialist tools or for an onsite electrician.