Eight garden design ideas

You are looking for inspiration for your garden, or you want to do some landscaping in your patio? In this article we present eight design ideas to give a new look to your garden. Keep in mind that before starting any work, you must first analyse the size and space of your garden. Then starts the design of your dream garden. Remember that it is important to build a design that is not only beautiful but also functional and safe.

1. Lavish details

Rock gardens, water features and striking decorative elements are popular designs. Water fountains, for instance, provide a lavish touch and make the space more elegant and relaxing with the shooting sound of trickling water. Big garden statues and sculptures are also an nice option as they can be used as a focal point in ponds or colour flower beds for instance.

2. Original solar lighting

Outdoor solar lighting is a very popular option. You can build an outdoor light paths for instance, essential for nighttime entertainment. Lighting is also a great mean to enhance the look of specific areas of your garden. Plus, solar lighting comes in a wide variety of design, type and prices.

3. Implement exotic plants

Depending on the region your living in, exotic plants might not seem like the best options. Though, if you have a greenhouse, you can store them during the cold season and display them during warmer times. Tropical and exotic plants (small palm trees, ferns, etc.) will definitely add to your garden a very original touch.

4. Fruit trees

Even though they might represent more maintenance, fruit trees allow you to combine the beauty with practicality. Simply make sure to choose trees that can endure the climate of your region.

5. Fire pits

Who does not like fire pits? They are definitely a stylish feature for any garden. They are also a symbol of conviviality as you can gather around with friends during chilly outdoor gatherings.

6. Growing vegetables

Just like fruit trees, growing your own vegetables can be a wonderful combination of nice design and convenience. In her book Groundbreaking Food Gardens, the author Niki Jabbour explores the idea of growing your own vegetables without sacrificing aesthetics.

7. Bee friendly plants

Bee population are threatened by habitat destruction, pesticides, and diseases. Fortunately, there are bee friendly plants that one can grow to help bees flourish: borage, lavender, salvia, rosemary, thyme, etc. Your garden will waft a pleasant smell and help the bee population ; the perfect eco-friendly design so to say. Eventually, you could even consider beekeeping.

8. Furnitures

Add furniture to your garden and it becomes an outdoor room. Bench, hammock, swings, or the more classical table and chairs. There are tons of options when it comes to furniture…

To be effective in your planning; first: gather some ideas, then, if needed, enlist the help of a gardening expert such as a landscape designer or landscape architect. Be patient, building a nice garden takes time and might require specific tools such as a mini shovel or even holes diggers. You will soon be able to enjoy your recently designed garden.