Engineering vs Pseudomonas, Legionella and retrograde contamination of hospital water supplies

Props, videos, interesting (even amusing) practical demonstrations set Horne Engineering’s CPD presentations far apart from the standard death-by-powerpoint offerings and gives the authoritative HORNE philosophy on how engineering can help mitigate the risk of retrograde contamination by pathogens upon hospital domestic water systems.

The importance of good hand hygiene, the growing threat of antibiotic resistance and the need to reduce reservoirs of infection in the healthcare environment are key points in this highly educational presentation. Some myths are busted: how biofilm will attach to almost any surface, irrespective of its smoothness, and exactly why removing your tap’s outlet fitting is such a bad idea. The pros and cons of Chemical vs Thermal disinfection are discussed as well as the importance of elevated velocity flushing for improving water quality. Comprehensive, straight-talking, thought-provoking and memorable.

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Recent feedback:

Fraser Plumb, Arup, Edinburgh said,

“I really appreciate you coming in and giving such an engaging presentation! The team really enjoyed it and it was a refreshing format, so thank you!”

Raymond Kelly, Tüv Süd, Glasgow said,

“Thanks for providing the CPD.  I thought the format of the presentation was first class!  It certainly caught they guys’ attention and interest, and was a reminder to the older heads just how important a part we play in helping to minimise risks associated not just with Pseudomonas, but also similar subject matter, which is part and parcel of what we do as PH engineers, so thanks again.”

Brandon Walsh, Troup Bywater + Anders, Manchester said,

“Thanks again for the CPD. I think it’s the best we’ve ever had!”

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