Enhancing the public realm

The city centre of Lahti, Finland, has been transformed by the consistent application of Nordic Standard copper from Aurubis to unify normally utilitarian elements such as bus shelters, lift and stair enclosures – and even a road under-pass.

Designed by Helsinki based JKMM Architects (www.jkmm.fi), a new transport hub in front of the historic railway station links the rail network to both long-distance and local bus lines. It consists of a 60-metre long canopy for the bus terminal, enclosed lift and stair structures, local bus stops on the street and supporting landscape elements. There is also an 80-metre long tunnel beneath the centre.

These disparate elements on different levels are united within the complex city environment by their high-quality materials, including Nordic Standard copper in different forms. Straddling the new deck over the street below is the new terminal for intercity buses with a dramatic canopy and pillars clad in perforated copper. Next to it is a delicate and airy glass elevator tower with the shaft covered in copper sheet and copper wire mesh, an elegant counterpart to the powerful silhouette of the canopy.

This and two other elevator towers, also made of glass and copper, connect the lower level street to the bus stop shelters on the street above. Lighting is placed behind perforated copper parts in various elements and will enhance the character of the place during the long dark winters. The side-walls, parapet and face of the underpass are all copper-clad, creating an impressive copper portal.

Nordic Standard is produced by Aurubis, part of the world’s leading integrated copper group and largest copper recycler. In addition to Nordic Standard, other Aurubis architectural surfaces include Nordic Brown pre-oxidised copper with either light or dark brown oxidisation that otherwise takes time to develop in the environment. Various Nordic Green and Nordic Blue factory-applied patinas have also been developed with properties and colours based on the same brochantite mineralogy found in natural patinas all over the world.

Aurubis copper alloys include Nordic Brass – now also available pre-weathered – Nordic Bronze and the innovative Nordic Royal with a long-lasting golden colour. For more information on Aurubis products visit: www.aurubis.com/finland/architectural or email: g.bell(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)aurubis.com.