EQuality showering from Horne

Horne Engineering’s commercial shower range includes pre-plumbed shower panels specialised for healthcare, elderly, extra and dementia care as well as for disability access and Changing Places facilities.

A high performance, healthcare rated, thermostatic shower valve is included and robust fittings are specifically designed for improved contrast/visibility and for easy operation of the riser mechanism and lever controls – even for users with limited hand mobility. For some users, the riser rail can double as a supportive grab-bar.

A bimodal option, available with lever or ligature resistant controls, adds versatility; catering for users with varying assistance or supervision needs. A wall-mounted riser rail can also be specified to mount adjacent to the shower panel.

A pipe cover, as shown in the image, is available as an accessory to hide the water supply pipes between the shower panel and the ceiling. This not only looks more aesthetically pleasing, but also removes the potential burn or ligature risk presented by exposed supply pipework.

Horne pre-plumbed surface mounted shower panels are quick and easy to install and straight-forward to maintain, ensuring a cost-effective, extended lifetime solution. Horne shower panels feature water and energy saving features in the form of flow regulators and / or timed flow controls and this has led to them being listed on the Water Technology List under the category of efficient showers. For some customers (those that pay corporation or income tax), the full cost of a Horne shower investment can be deducted from profits before tax under the ECA First Year Allowances Scheme.

Visit www.watertechnologylist.co.uk and follow the product search tab – use search term Horne to see all listed products.

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