Exciting new material is sure to be childs play

Advanced Technical Panels (ATP), part of the James Latham Group, has announced the arrival of an exciting new plastic material which is certain to make a big impact, especially within the leisure and play equipment sectors.

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, HDPE (high-density polyethylene) which will be branded ‘Harlequin’ by ATP, is a totally unique material that, as well as being completely resistant to the elements, is also extremely difficult to damage or break, therefore making it a very low maintenance and long lasting option.

David Briggs, Director of ATP commented:

“Already we can see all kinds of applications for Harlequin and we know that in other countries it has been used extensively in the manufacture of c

hildren’s playground and educational equipment either for use inside or out. Plus, because it won’t fade, scratch, swell or split and dirt, graffiti and permanent markers are easily removable, it will stay looking brighter and better for longer.”

Other potential applications include packaging, outdoor furniture such as benches, tables and fencing, floors for artificial ice and hockey rinks as well as the marine industry.

The Harlequin range, which is also 100 per cent recyclable, is available in 19 different bright and impactful colour combinations. It also compliments ATP’s other products for the play sector including Multiwall, a birch plywood which is coated on both sides with decorative polypropylene laminate and, as well as playground equipment, is also used in sports fencing and rebound boards.