Fibreglass pools are now firmly established within the industry

Fibreglass pools are now firmly established within the swimming pool industry and it’s not difficult to see why.

  • They provide a simpler and lower cost solution costing up to half the price of concrete and liner pools and will be installed and up and running within a fraction of the time
  • They are a one-piece reinforced fibreglass construction.  Roman ends and steps are all part of the one-piece solution: so no unnecessary seams to risk leaks and store bacteria
  • There is a huge choice of models, covering level or sloping based, incorporation steps and roman ends.  Integral cover pits are also an option to house the ever more expanding automatic cover market
  • They offer the flexibility for the customer to part or fully mosaic tile if the customer desires the appearance of a concrete pool
  • The option to factory spray insulation that conforms to Part L of the current Building Regulations
  • A reassuring 40+ years manufacturing history and proven quality
  • Pool sizes vary from as little as 3.9 metres right up to 13.7 metres