Filtered fresh air vent systems improve air quality and wellbeing

SIEGENIA’s single-unit mechanical vents are a simple, effective solution for planners looking to tackle poor air quality and to enhance inhabitants’ wellbeing by providing clean, allergen-free fresh air.

Wellbeing and the creation of “healthy” homes are topics which have gained considerable traction recently in architectural circles and, increasingly, among homeowners as well. Up to now emphasis has often centred on smart products, measures for increasing the natural light, and retaining heat and energy. However ventilation is a key area that, although it has been on the radar in other European countries for some decades now, often gets overlooked in the UK.

Studies have shown that a family of four produces an average of 14 litres (24 pints) of water vapour each day. With modern building shells becoming increasingly airtight and more and more conforming to Passivhaus standards, this brings with it issues such as condensation and mould which can exacerbate, or even cause, health problems such as asthma, stroke and cardiovascular issues. It is therefore vital that any healthy home design includes plans for the consistent provision of clean fresh air.

Integration of a quality mechanical ventilation system can have a positive impact on the end user’s well-being, as well as on the value of the property, the air quality and the building’s structural integrity. This is where the SIEGENIA AEROPAC comes in. While trickle vents are reliant upon the air pressure differential, the AEROPAC mechanical unit provides controllable fresh air ventilation and, unlike natural ventilation methods such as the opening of windows, it can filter out pollen, carbon, coarse and fine dust and NOx particles from exhaust fumes. It also negates other disadvantages of natural ventilation in terms of security and energy wastage.

The wall-mounted ventilator has an air throughput of up to 180 m³/h and with an inherent noise of only 20 dB(A) at 60 m³/h is really quiet. Its low running noise and high sound absorption value of up to 50 dB make it an ideal solution for bedrooms and living spaces in noisy areas. Indeed the unit has been installed in numerous quiet home schemes around airports such as Heathrow, London City and Birmingham.

SIEGENIA’s ventilation range also includes other products such as the AEROTUBE and AEROVITAL ambience, both of which offer heat recovery versions. All of their single-unit vents can also be paired with smart technology such as the SENSOAIR air quality sensor, so that they automatically operate when the air quality drops below a healthy level, and they can be monitored and controlled via an app.

With air quality being so important to health, ventilation clearly ought to be an important piece of the wellness mix. Single-unit mechanical ventilators such as the AEROPAC can provide an extremely positive impact on the health of buildings and their inhabitants and could serve to complement your other wellness measures.

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