Firm launches own graduate architecture programme

A graduate programme to train with one of the leading architectural firms in the UK has been launched.

Pick Everard, an independent management, design and construction consultancy is announcing its new architectural student training programme that will sponsor candidates to attain their qualifications and gain future employment.

With 11 offices across the UK and working in various sectors including education, public sector and commercial industries, Pick Everard is championing the programme in Leicester with plans to roll it out to all its UK offices in the near future.

The initiative is the vision of Paul Rothera, national director for architecture, who is keen to nurture students with their career and provide a thorough and detailed training programme for young architecture students at the firm.

He said:

“We have a wide range of specific training areas which will be available to students. We will be offering them a programme that will crucially support their course work and learning to enable them to complete the course and become qualified more easily.”

“With the current skills shortage and to ensure that all young people know about the career opportunities available to them in the architectural field, we felt it was important to launch this programme and ensure the next generation receive the necessary support they need to pursue their career.”

Pick Everard is keen to attract and help high calibre students to finish their training. Steve Cummings, director – architecture at Pick Everard, has been building links with universities across the UK to roll the firm’s training programme out.

He said:

“We hope that our new graduate scheme will be attractive to graduates set on a career in the field. It is great to give students the opportunity to bring their talent and skills to Pick Everard and we feel this programme will really add value to our offering as a practice whilst giving students a fantastic experience.”

“Initially we have started to roll the programme out and are speaking to other schools of architecture across the country. It is important to us that we help to retain the talent coming out of our universities to further boost the economy.”

“We are currently speaking to Universities across the country. Already we have had lots of applications from students and we are pleased to have now selected our first students who will be working towards their Masters degree.”

“We offer sponsorship through the final year of their RIBA Part II Masters and they can gain experience during this time. They will also have the opportunity to secure a full-time job with us where we have a specific programme set up to provide the right experience.”

“As part of the scheme, there is the benefit that we will support them to attain their RIBA Part 3 exam, which is the professional qualification enabling them to be fully qualified architects.”

Pick Everard’s graduate and student programme will aim to support a number of candidates every year with hopes that this will support the growth of the business.

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