Flue gas heat recovery combatting fuel poverty

Chris Yates of Johnson & Starley explains how the company’s QuanTec HR28C boiler can help reduce fuel bills for residents and further cut carbon emissions.

Back before the UK residential sector warmed to the idea of loft insulation or double glazing, people always paid attention to draught-proofing their homes: fitting copper strips or the first foam seals around door and window frames.

Although the technical sophistication is very much higher, passive flue gas heat recovery (PFGHR) adopts the same basic principle of preventing heat being lost to the atmosphere. As yet, however, very few boiler manufacturers have recognised the advantages, or the fact that the payback period for consumers can be as little as two years.

When the Government legislated in favour of high efficiency or condensing boilers a decade ago, it marked a step change for the heating industry. Yet despite the countless plumes you see emerging from pipe terminals on these cold winter mornings, there is still a significant amount of energy being vented to the outside air.

While Johnson & Starley’s entire QuanTec range of high efficiency boilers feature Giannoni ‘Cool Door’ Isothermic stainless steel heat exchangers, the HR28C model additionally incorporates full condense technology; offering efficiencies not previously achieved in the industry.

The integral PFGHR unit serves to preheat sanitary water to deliver performance standards some 25 % above most water heaters on the market, meanwhile significantly lowering flue temperatures to the lowest possible level and thereby visibly reducing the pluming effect.

Despite this additional feature, the HR28C remains compact enough to provide a direct replacement for many wall hung boilers, while the low weight and ease of connections make installation quick and straightforward. Quantec further offers low NOx and advanced electronic control.

Despite OPEC driving down the price of crude, and petrol even falling at the pumps, there is little prospect of significant cuts in home energy costs. Therefore the only realistic way to help people out of fuel poverty is to offer them even greater efficiency in the way that their homes are insulated or heated; and QuanTec with its foolproof flue gas heat recovery is just such a measure.

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