FOAMGLAS® T4+ slab for National Maritime Museum gallery roof and restaurant terrace

The National Maritime Museum’s new £35 million gallery has jewels which belonged to Sir Francis Drake, journals written by Captain Cook and personal items that survived the sinking of the Titanic. A new rooftop restaurant terrace looks out over the World Heritage Site, Greenwich Park and the Royal Observatory. The roof has paved areas and green planting, with hidden drainage and water supplies. With limited height available on the roof there was no space for a concrete screed to falls so architects Purcell Miller Tritton needed factory-machined, tapered insulation to shed water. The limestone terrace paving has to withstand vehicles placing dynamic loads on the insulation which also has to do so without compression.

FOAMGLAS slab insulation type T4+ was specified as it does not move or deflect under load, is available factory-machined with a tapered pitch and has a thermal performance which is guaranteed for the lifetime of the building.

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